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Mountain View Hospital

Mountain View Hospital is a large part of the Idaho Falls community. They are well known for providing a range of high quality surgical, labor and delivery, diagnostic, and rehabilitative services for patients of all ages.

As a hospital, it was paramount that their site was easy to navigate for both hospital staff and patients alike. We were honored to work on the new vision they had for their site to make it friendlier to use and increase its aesthetic appeal.


Before we began making changes to the Mountain View Hospital site, we met with their team to learn about their vision for the updated site. Two things they emphasized were, first, streamlined content, and second, friendlier navigation.

We, along with the Mountain View Hospital team, decided that in order to meet the need for streamlining content, it would be best to put the most in-demand content in front of the user. This made it easier for any type of user to find the pages and information they were looking for.

To identify the most in-demand content on the Mountain View site, we examined their Google Analytics data to determine what pages users were accessing the most. We used featured icon links in different places on the home page and navigation areas to help them get there quicker without having to dig around the site for it.

Streamlining the content also made the navigation easier to use because we were able to divide the main navigation areas into patients and providers. So, providers for Mountain View can now access the portion of the navigation to find information for their tasks. Similarly, patients can now easily discover what services are offered at the hospital.

During our initial meeting, we also introduced new branding guidelines which included a simplified color palette of deep forest green as the primary color, a muted sage green as the secondary color, and neutral tans and grays to separate content throughout the site. Once the site was mostly finished, we could review the entire site to find opportunities for visual consistency--from spacing out components, color usage in certain areas, and cementing a uniform style for buttons and sub-page listings.


The developers on our team were a key component in making Mountain View Hospital’s vision a reality. The previous site for the hospital had limited functionality which made it difficult to implement some of the layouts and details that Mountain View’s team wanted. The new site, however, is capable of adding these features without the extra development time. Besides adding some new features to their page layouts, we were also able to apply a snazzy new homepage banner that features a panning/zooming image, for a simple yet sophisticated experience.

Additional website functionality was important for both our team and the Mountain View Hospital team. Since the hospital has such a large staff and they offer many services, we wanted to be sure that the new site would be easier to update. The new website allowed us to centralize staff information so it only had to be updated in one location on the site; the new site also improved the doctor search tool for users.

A hospital has many announcements they need to share, so we decided to bulk import their internal announcement blog to give them a more powerful blogging platform. This new site also allows them to create their own forms to submit feedback or receive volunteer applications.


With the help of Mountain View's team, we reorganized the content on the website to make it easier to navigate and to help patients find the information they need quickly. We worked with individual departments to rewrite some of the content on the website and redesigned the pages so they all feel like they are a part of the same organization. We also reorganized how some of the internal pages were linking together with new subpage menus.

With the new navigation and service menu, this complex site holds a simple and clean feel.

The Mountain View Hospital site is new and improved. Our team worked diligently to deliver this product to our client and to make sure that it reflected Mountain View’s vision. We are excited for members of the community to use this site as a resource for their needs at Mountain View Hospital.

Idaho Falls, Idaho

545 W 19th St
Idaho Falls, ID 83402


Tampa, Florida

1600 E 8th Ave
Suite A200
Tampa, FL 33605


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