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Development Workshop

Development Workshop has a new and improved look! Development Workshop has been providing services to the Idaho Falls and eastern Idaho community for decades, and we were so excited to be involved in their website refresh.


A huge part of this project was helping the team at Development Workshop rewrite and organize their content in a way that made the site easy to navigate for their customers.

Development Workshop is widely known for their community rehabilitation services, but they also offer manufacturing and other services for businesses, like janitorial and staffing services. Our content team helped find a solution to display this information in a way that makes sense for the end user.

Development Workshop also shares a lot of its news and announcements on Facebook, so it was important to make that available on their website. We placed a Facebook feed right on their home page for visitors to easily view and scroll through.


Development Workshop wanted to enhance this new website with playful colors, while also reserving their brand identity. Our design team helped them choose a color scheme that works well with the red in their logo, and we incorporated that throughout the website.

Another design feature of this website is their customized header. The team at Development Workshop loved the red bar at the top of their old website that held their social icons, so we brought that over to the new site. We also included their CARF accreditation badge, which came as a special request from their team.

One more design request was a customized service area map for their home page. Our graphic designer put together a simple design that shows where Development Workshop’s locations are for a visual representation of the area they serve.


Development Workshop provided several of their own photos, but we were also able to help them with some media requests.
Throughout the manufacturing pages on Development Workshop’s website, you can see images that our photographer took at their facilities. We met on site and took photos of their team working on the production floor and of several different products they were working with at the time.

On their Life Skills for Children & Adolescents page, you’ll find interview-style videos that we took and edited to add that personal touch to the site.

Visit their site at

Idaho Falls, Idaho

545 W 19th St
Idaho Falls, ID 83402


Tampa, Florida

1600 E 8th Ave
Suite A200
Tampa, FL 33605


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