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Activate Idaho Falls YMCA

We know it’s fun to stay at the YMCA, which is why they’ve been around since its founding in 1844. Now spread throughout 120 countries with almost 1 million collective volunteers worldwide, the organization continues to promote healthy living and sound morals throughout the thousands of communities they inhabit.

A recent initiative created by the YMCA, Activate, incited interest throughout many US cities with a goal of promoting healthy eating and weight loss at the start of the new year. Dan Jaeger, President of the Idaho Falls YMCA, successfully executed multiple Activate programs throughout the US, losing thousands of collective poundage within the communities it was led. Now launched in Idaho Falls, Idaho, Activate required a local website and extensive custom functionality to track member weight entries and weigh-ins. With the vision from Dan and the implementation from our programmers, we created the ability to track individual members with weekly weigh-ins to monitor weight loss through member protected features.

As a highly branded international organization, the YMCA requires strict adherence to branding guidelines. Our Lead Designer, Kyle Richards, worked closely with Dan to showcase exact fonts, colors, and branding to reflect the affiliation with the YMCA. Additionally, Kyle added a visual representation of the total community weight loss graph for any user to see on the new website.

Now two months into the program, Activate Idaho Falls continues to see gradual weight loss each week as it pushes to reach its goal of 5,000 pounds of lost weight. See for yourself what amazing functionality and design a Manwaring Web Solutions website can offer over at


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