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Reviews are often the final converting factor for potential customers. A single review can make or break it for someone who is looking into your business. So it is important to make sure that you have a steady stream of reviews coming in, and that you have a lot of positive feedback.

The first step is offering great customer service! The second is getting people to talk about it! With our Review Management tool, you can invite customers to leave your business reviews at their own convenience.

Bonus: If you have an SEO account with us or want to pay a small additional monthly fee, we'll even help you craft the best professional responses for each review you receive (positive and negative). 

What can our review system do?

The review software that we use has tons of awesome capabilities that will ultimately help your business save time and increase revenue. Included features:

  • Send review invitations via text or email
  • Automated text and email reminders
  • Easy-to-use form for your staff
  • Monitor reviews from hundreds of review sites
  • Segments positive and negative feedback (only positive interactions go public)

Give us a call today for a free demo of our review management software. 

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