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Your presence on social media is a key component of your marketing strategy. Maintaining and managing social platforms can increase customer awareness, drive brand management, and help connect with your customers.

To get started we will review your current profiles and determine what objectives need to be addressed, such as gaining followers, creating accounts, or updating business information. Together, we will determine the type of content you would like to share and the frequency of the posting schedule.

Our plans include different levels

Social Media Posting

Passive Approval

We can develop these with little to no involvement from your team. An example of this is a customer review with a graphic or highlighting a product.

Light Involvement

These require more involvement from your team to acquire information. Examples of these types of posts include employee spotlight and community events.

Heavy Involvement

This will involve more time from your team and ours to acquire information and approval along the way. Examples of these types of posts include blog articles and video testimonials.

Depending on your needs, your social media plan could involve a combination of these types of posts, such as two passive approval posts a week and one light involvement per month.

We offer these different types of posts to make certain that your budget and strategy is magnified. Once a strategy and schedule are established, we will begin creating content that will be sent to you at the beginning of each month for your approval.

We want to improve your social media presence by creating meaningful content that fits each platform and is in line with your desired social media goals.

Contact us today for a free consultation and social media proposal.

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